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Scientists to grow tendons on a robotic hand.


In the event of a serious traumatic amputation of the hand, patients currently have one of 3 options available to them:

1.  Hand replantation if the tissues are viable and if the severed hand is professionally cared for immediately after the accident.This procedure is carried out of if the hand can function without pain and the goal would be to give the patient back as much function as possible.

2. Amputation if the tissues are too damaged and the hand cannot be replanted. A cosmetic or prosthetic hand may be offered to improve the cosmetic appearance and function of the hand.

3. Hand transplantation if a hand replantation is not an option, surgeons can offer the patient a hand transplantation whereby a donor hand is transplanted onto the recipient's forearm. Am operation such as this requires a team of up to 20 surgeons who connect the arteries, veins, tensonds and bones. Immune suppresant drugs are used to prevent the rejection of the donor hand by the body.


All thre options above will require a highly skilled hand therapist to rehabilitate the injured person to ensure maximum return to function.

Now researchers are developing a robotic hand which has intricate motion capabilities. In additin, the researchers are planning to grow human tissue onto the robotic hand, which would mean that a person could be provided with and entirely NEW hand in the event of an accident. Researchers put the hand through a laser scanner and then 3D printed artificial bones to match. The hand can be operated remotely by wearing a glove covered in sensors.

For more information on this incredible scientific development, please click on the following link:



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