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Compression Garments: Selection, Fitting & Monitoring.

Scars from part of the normal healing process following an injury or surgery and can take up to two years to mature. Some scars have a tendency towards becoming hypertrophic. This can be problematic as the scar may shorten and contract, thereby limiting movement across a joint. In addition, patient's often feel self-conscious as a result of the appearance of a scar. Pressure therapy helps to improve the appearance and pliability of a scar, thereby giving the patient more confidence and freedom of movement.

The need for scar intervention is assessed on an individual basis by a qualified Occupational Therapist. A detailed history is taken and a treatment plan is determined. Treatment can include compression therapy, scar massage, moisturising, the provision of silicone and protection from sunlight in the early phase of wound healing. A referral may be made to a Plastic Surgeon for surgical management may be required for old and problematic scars.

Hand Therapy Consulting (HTC) has a special interest in scar management with all patients being assessed by Robyn Midgley, BSc (Hons) OT, AHT (BAHT), ECHT (EFSHT,).

HTC offers an in-house service where bespoke garments are designed, fitted, monitored and adjusted accordingly and is excited to announce that Penny Hannekom has joined the practice to assist with the measurement and fabrication of each compression garment. The compression garments are made from stretch knit polyester fabrics in skin tone colours. Penny is a highly experienced seamstress who has a passion for sewing and helping people re-gain their confidence after an injury.

Welcome to the practice Penny!





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