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Our passion for delivering results is driven by the feedback that we receive from happy patients who have been able to overcome debilitating pain or injury of the hand as a direct result of our continuous pursuit of clinical excellence in the treatment and rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb.

Margerie Wilson

"I underwent a joint replacement operation on my right hand in which four of my knuckles had to be replaced as a result of deformity from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The professor who performed the operation recommended me to Hand Therapy Consulting and I had my first session three days after the operation.

Robyn treated the initial swelling that I was experiencing and after each session, the pain was eased somewhat. She also built contraptions for me to wear in an attempt to straighten the hand. Robyn is not afraid to try new things in order to get a positive result and eventually, she had to design a plaster cast for me to wear.

The result of eight months of treatment is that my hand is straighter than it was, I have the full use of three of my fingers and we are currently working on the index finger.

Robyn is professional and empathetic in her approach and she definitely knows what she’s doing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs hand therapy as she is extensively specialised in this field. I believe that a normal physiotherapist would not have had the in-depth knowledge or understanding to work on something this complicated."

- Margerie Wilson (Rheumatoid arthritis / Joint replacement)

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hand therapy consulting facebook hand therapy consulting facebook hand therapy consulting facebook

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