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Our passion for delivering results is driven by the feedback that we receive from happy patients who have been able to overcome debilitating pain or injury of the hand as a direct result of our continuous pursuit of clinical excellence in the treatment and rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb.

Matthew Speedie

"In February 2011, I had to have an operation to repair the pinky knuckle on my left hand. The operation was a success and I was instructed by my doctor to attend physiotherapy sessions to improve the movement in my hand. Plates had been inserted and it was extremely important that I attempt to regain full range of motion. After three months of weekly physiotherapy, I was instructed that there was not much more they could do and that 60% was the best result I could achieve.

At the end of November 2011, the plates were removed and the doctor was shocked at how stiff my pinky and ring finger were. I had very little movement. He instructed me to go see a physiotherapist urgently and that I would need daily sessions to regain some range of motion. I am left handed and was really worried that I would never be able to write properly or play sport again. After the lack of results from physiotherapy, I decided to look elsewhere.

I contacted Robyn and set up an appointment for the same day. She asked if she could perform a CMMS procedure on my hand and told me that she was confident that it would be successful. It is now 2 months later and I have regained the FULL range of motion in my left hand. I only had to see Robyn three times to evaluate my improvement and make adjustments to my cast. Words can’t explain how happy I am with the results. In three sessions, Robyn was able to achieve something a physiotherapist couldn’t do in over fifteen sessions.

I strongly recommend that if you have any problems involving your hands, that you contact Robyn and make an appointment. It has given me back the full use of my hand and what she did for me will never be forgotten."

- Matthew Speedie

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hand therapy consulting facebook hand therapy consulting facebook hand therapy consulting facebook

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