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Our passion for delivering results is driven by the feedback that we receive from happy patients who have been able to overcome debilitating pain or injury of the hand as a direct result of our continuous pursuit of clinical excellence in the treatment and rehabilitation of the hand and upper limb.

Linda Sutton

"Robyn is amazing! My 15 year old daughter suffered severe lacerations to her wrist from a glass door. Once the stitches were removed, I took her to Robyn for therapy. After two minutes of evaluating her, she picked up that there was a major problem with the nerve (despite being hospitalised and treated in a private hospital and being given the all-clear by the surgeon).

Within half an hour, she had arranged for us to see a hand surgeon and the operation took place the next day. During the surgery, Robyn’s diagnosis was spot on, as there was in fact, unrepaired nerve and tendon damage which untreated, would have been a disaster.

We are immensely grateful for her swift diagnosis, the gifted surgeon, as well as the professional, kind and world class therapy post-op. We have a fully functioning wrist and hand, and are eternally grateful to Robyn – I would not hesitate to recommend this professional and wonderful therapist to anyone."

- Linda Sutton

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hand therapy consulting facebook hand therapy consulting facebook hand therapy consulting facebook

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